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Nesting Birds: How to Make Life Easier for our Feathered Friends

Birds are a joy to have around in our back gardens. Their song is beautiful to hear and they’re a necessary part of the ecosystem. If you want to encourage #birds to #nest in your #garden, you will need to help them with their nest building by providing certain plants and organic materials, as well as good sources of food and water. Read on for our top tips on attracting nesting birds to your garden year on year…

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attracting beneficail insects to your garden

To create a garden ecosystem you need to know about beneficial insects, herbs and flowers that nourish them, and how to maintain the environment so that the insects keep coming back. If you get this right you won’t have to put endless effort into your gardening and there won’t be any need for toxic pesticides. Read on for insights and gardening tips to help you create and maintain a thriving garden ecosystem…

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The Kinetic Garden

The study of #kinetics is the study of motion and its causes, and this is how the concept of kinetic gardens came into being. Most #kineticgardenfeatures are usually operated by water or air, and they really add interest and allure to outdoor spaces. Our article on #kineticgardens explains what kinetics are and how you can use them to bring your garden alive…


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